Defeat Your Evil Mother-in-Law, with Generic Viagra

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Defeat Fear of Death Kerry Emrich

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Fear of Death
Fear of death is the fear of dying or of dead things. The medical or scientific name for this fear is Necrophobia. This is an astonishingly common phobia with millions of sufferer’s world wide. It is an impractical and unreasonable fear, no one wants to die but we can not allow ourselves to be overcome with this fear and not live our lives to the fullest. There is nothing we can do about death, it is inevitable, and as such the fear of death is of no value to us.
There are many kinds of phobia, fears and anxieties, but the fear of death is particularly troublesome so millions of people world wide. Fear of death has been treated successfully in the past and you will be able to overcome your anxieties and fear of death.
The only realistic fear related to death would be to be afraid of dying from things we can avoid, such as lions, tigers, or war. We can prepare and make plans to avoid such things, to increase the time we have left on this planet. We must live out each day free from the fear of death but still plan to avoid the factors that we can control.
This danger avoidance helps us to prepare and make plans so that we are not currently in any danger. This can be achieved by learning how to swim to help avoid drowning (which of course is a cause of death) and to make to further prepare to learn to avoid or minimize other dangers. Another example of this would be to wear our seatbelt while driving to reduce the risk of injury or death if we are involved in an accident.
Death is a natural part of life, and we must remember that all things will die one day. We can prepare ourselves spiritually for death. This can be formal such as going to church, or other religious temple, or as simple as meditation or simply being a good person
It is also quite common to have regrets when we die. We can do many things other than to simply have a fear of death to prepare for it, and to reduce the pain of our friends and family when that day comes. Paying our bills, making sure we have insurance to cover our funeral, planning our funeral, these are all things that will reduce the stress and anxiety of others. Each day we can do good things to make our life more meaningful and give us a sense of purpose.
Life is a journey, we are part of this world, but it is not our home. We are like adventurers simply passing through the world as part of our journey through eternity. Making the most of each day is the best thing you can do to get the most out of your life and to feel at peace with yourself.
Stop worrying and start living! Life is short, and tomorrow is uncertain, so make the most of each day, take time to smell the roses, and have no fear of death. read more